Coasters and Posters

Designed image making.

Beverage Coaster • Art Direction, Design, & Digital Illustration (above and below)
Client : Lucas Ohio

Poster project • Original train image scan
Image with adjusted contrast and added sky & twister art in progress.
“Twister Train” Concert Poster • Art Direction, Design, & Montage
Client : Lucas Ohio
Independent Feature Film Poster • Art Direction & Design
Client : Anthony Lucero | East Side Sushi
Film Festival Poster/Signage • Art Direction, Design, & Photography
Client : Reel Faith Film Festival
“Everybody's Problem” Institutional Poster • Art Direction & Illustration
Client : Pacific Maritime Association
Typographic design • Nancy Hansen
“T’ANGELO” Advertising Poster • Art Direction & Illustration
Client : T’Angelo • Hong Kong
Typographic design • Thomas Lo

CONTACT : 510.534.0340
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